Revolutionary 2D basketball physics puzzle game for iOS and Android

About the Game

Through the Hoop is a unique 2D basketball physics puzzle game with some revolutionary features - unlike anything else on the market.

Your job is to throw trick shots in order to complete the wide variety of carefully crafted levels. Each level is a problem to be solved with trick shots. The better you are, the more stars and points you get!

You throw the shots with a revolutionary, game-changing, throwing mechanism that is both intuitive and accurate.

Unlike in other basketball games, the revolutionary throwing mechanism allows you to throw spinning shots, which adds a whole new dimension to the game. You know, a spinning ball bounces very differently than a ball with no spin!

With 85 levels in 6 level packs, and free updates coming up, you have a lot of trick shots to throw! Score as much points as you possibly can and see yourself at the top of the Game Center leaderboards!

Available now!

Game Screenshots

The Official Trailer (with gameplay footage)

Built with Corona SDK